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Sales Team

Here at That Apparel Company (TACO), we are growing by leaps and bounds and loving life! We are passionate about what we do and excited to add team members as part of our journey! While we love creating new styles, reimagining old ideas has become the cornerstone for our design team. As a small start up business we get to put our mark on everything that we do, and we would not have it any other way! It does not matter if it is a small order or a large one; we put everything we have into making the best product that we can. Due to our passion, we are excited to expand our team and this is where you come in!!! We need sales people to keep us going. That is where you come in; we need salespeople to keep us going! We are looking to hire new sales associates who are proactive and can work without direct supervision. The ideal candidate will have the drive and the desire to maximize productivity in as little time as possible. That said, we want to reward those who work hard for us.


This sales role will be a “Basic Commissions” position. This position will be a work-from-home with the flexibility to create your schedule. This means you get to work where you want with the time that you have available. In this position, you will be responsible for driving sales on behalf of TACO. You will be responsible for generating your own leads along with any internet leads we send your way. 

As an added benefit, we will be offering:

- Simple Training Techniques

- Internet leads for when someone reaches out through our website; you will get the chance to earn an extra sale(More money in your pocket!)

- Unlimited days off

- Flexible work schedule

- Freedom to work how you want to work (Within reason of TACO guidelines)

Email your resume to Amy

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