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Digital Heat Printing (DHP)

Digital Heat Printing (DHP) is the newest and latest way of printing for apparel and accessories. It provides high-end and longest-lasting graphics. Unlike other forms of printing, you won’t be limited to design effect options. DHP allows you to do ombré effects and won’t lose any details on your designs. There also isn’t a maximum number of colors like traditional prints! That means the designs are endless! Not only are designs endless, but the options to put DHP on are endless…



Embroidery is a more elegant look than the other processes. That elegance provides a high-quality product with a long-lasting life.  To begin with, each custom design created for embroidery must be digitized, traced out, and finally, turned into stitches. Embroidery is one of the most popular choices for our clients.


Vinyl is a tried and true process that has been around in the custom apparel business for dozens of years.  It offers a quick and inexpensive way to produce names, numbers, and other images. Vinyl is typically sold as a single-color media.  The media is then placed inside a machine and a razor is used to cut out the outline of the image. Vinyl allows for glitter and glow-in-the-dark colors. Vinyl is a popular and inexpensive option.

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Sublimation is a process that has been around for a long time. It was developed originally to print on plastic parts and items for the awards, and specialty printed items industry.  It has since been used on plastic tiles, sheets of plastics, acrylics, awards, gift items, etc. The process is different from most methods of printing because the pigments that are used are specifically designed to bond to plastic or polyesters on a molecular level. We currently offer sublimation for promotional items only.

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